Abacus Auto Services is pleased to be an authorised Viezu Dealer.  As one of the UK’s largest tuning specialists, Viezu’s engine tuning services cover nearly all modern vehicles, including cars, vans, as well as motorhome engines. 

Abacus Auto Services can offer ECU tuning for a variety of applications, whether for fuel economy, increased performance and torque or a blend to improve both fuel economy and performance.  Viezu’s award-winning BlueOptimize™ fuel economy software offers reduced emissions and lower running costs, helping to reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle and saving money in fuel costs, while performance tuning will increase vehicle’s responsiveness, power and torque.  Remaps are written to take into account any other modifications to the vehicle, as well as whether the vehicle is used for towing, carrying heavy loads or any other driver-specific requirements. 

All appointments consist of the customer’s vehicle being checked and the engines control unit (ECU) will be read.  You will be consulted to see what improvements you would like – improved fuel economy, better performance or both!  A bespoke file is then written and uploaded into the ECU, with the whole process taking a couple of hours.

For more information and prices please call 01527 60047 or drop in to our service reception.

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