Brakes - Disc and Pads, Brake Repalcement in Redditch

Brakes are a crucial part of any vehicle, and it is vitally important that any problems you may encounter are dealt with immediately.

If your vehicle has an issue with the brakes, you may notice the following symptoms when the brake pedal is applied:

  • Vibration or grinding noises
  • Car pulling to the right or left
  • Brake pedal depressed more than normal
  • Handbrake needs pulling further than normal
  • Brake fluid leak


You may also be warned through your vehicles on board diagnostics system, the following light indicate your vehicle has a brake fault:

These are most common fault lights, however some vehicles may differ.

If you do feel that your brakes are not responding as they would normally then you can bring your car to Abacus for a FREE BRAKE CHECK with a full report. If you are concerned about driving your vehicle to us, please phone for immediate advice on 01527 60047.

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